Modular Homes

John A. Alvarez and Sons has model homes on display for you to tour – whether it be a ranch, cape or two story.

For more available floor plans please see our home builders page and click on the link to Ritz-Craft Custom Homes.

To view stages of a modular home set check it out below.

Current Display Models

Click on the thumbnails to see floorplans, larger images and additional views.  Use your browser’s “Back” button to return to this page after viewing a particular home.

To view Previous Display Models that are still available to be built, CLICK HERE.

Model 4

Model 4 - 29'11 x 46'/34' 2400 sq. ft. Two Story

Ranch Model 5

Model 5 - 29'11 x 56' 1680 sq. ft. Ranch

Model 6 - 29'11 X 48' 1440 sq. ft. Homestead Ranch

Cape Model 2

Model 2 - 29'11 x 48' 1440 sq. ft. Cape

Pictured are different stages/views of a Modular Home set: